How we roll.

We collect bottles form our hospitality partners in Antwerp. These bars and restaurants gather their empty wine bottles in our ‘Botega Boxes’ instead of throwing them away. We, on the other hand, hop on our cargo bikes, collect the bottles all over Antwerp on a weekly basis and bring them home to our cosy studio. Once they’ve been collected, we first have to clean and sort the bottles to start our transformation process. By slicing them into tumbler and regular sized glasses and softening the edges with different sanding and polishing techniques, our glasses slowly see the light of day. As a finishing touch we add a subtle logo to each glass. After a last quality check, they are all ready to be distributed and end up on your table again! Cheers!

Local collection

The bottles are gathered from our hospitality partners in Antwerp.


In our studio we slice the bottles, soften the edges and make them shine.


Enjoy your drink at home or in one of our partners' bars, restaurants or hotels.

Started from the bottom our terrace.

We began our search for the perfect upcycled glass on the small terrace of our apartment, which was quite cold sometimes, as we founded Botega in the winter of 2019. Thanks to Circuit, a circular community based in Antwerp, we quickly moved our ‘research center’ to Plein Publiek. We now have established our studio in one of their containers. Come and have a look when dining in their restaurant!